Does Extenze Really Work

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It is a well-known fact that men are overtly a lot more active sexually as compared to women. This has its basis in the genetic make up of man in his quest for dominance and perpetuation of the species with his genes. Men are also known to take more initiative when it comes to sex and sexual acts.

It can be very dampening for a man to have reduced libido, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunctions. So what makes a man a poor performer in sex? Learn more on Is this a temporary phase or a pathologic condition?


Lack of proper erection and premature ejaculation are the two prime causes for disappointments in conjugal relations. Sex is a mutually pleasurable and satisfying act. The Hindu word for sex is “Sambhoga” which means equal sharing of pleasure. Hence, both partners should ideally give each other mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

However, premature ejaculation and lack of erection would mean that your partner might well be left unsatisfied. An unsatisfied woman is irritable and short tempered and this can lead to friction in conjugal life. Why should she put up with it? Why should a man take things lying down when Extenze is here to show who is the man in the house. More info you can find on

Extenze is probably one of the most popular male enhancement products available today. A lot of men have used this product and a lot more will use it with more than satisfactory results. However, there are also many who have not tried the product so far. Does Extenze work is the one question that constantly bothers them.

If the question ‘does Extenze work is to be answered in a single word then the word is an unequivocal and an unqualified ‘YES’. Extenze claims that it can increase the sex drive in a male body and also help a man experience a harder and stronger erection that endures.

These aspects would directly affect the overall sexual performance of a man. However, this is what the product and the manufacturers of it claim. But the million-dollar question still haunts many men: Does Extenze work?


One of the prime reasons why Extenze does work positively is because it relies on age old time tested and verified natural ingredients and does not favor any artificial drug. Experiencing poor erection is a natural occurrence at times due to a man being stressed out or tired. He may also have some underlying reasons that are responsible for premature ejaculation or weak erections.

Such conditions are amenable to and respond to herbal remedies, which contain time tested active ingredients. Poor erections are caused by an improper flow of blood to the corpus cavernosa.

Extenze is one of the few products that has gained a lot of popularity in a short span of time. The response from men who have already used it has been extremely positive and encouraging. You would very rarely come across an Extenze customer review that would not recommend you to go ahead and use this wonder product. These reviews are probably the best answer to the question does Extenze work?

The product is one of the few male sexual enhancement pills that can be bought even without a prescription. It is based on natural herbal extracts without side effects. These herbs have been known down the centuries specifically for their male potency enhancing properties. Long-term use shows improvements rather than serious side effects such as those caused by sildenafil citrate. This is one of the best advantages of herbals: The longer you take them the better it gets. Extenze is tried, tested, proven and accepted.